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Custom Torsion Springs

Torsion springs store rotational energy or apply torque within an application. Typically, these are either single, or double-bodied helical springs, which are mounted, or wound around a leg, fixture or shaft.

Torsion springs need to be supported by at least three points in order to avoid bending, which applies undue stress especially when the spring is loaded in a manner that increases the body diameter. In order to stabilize the ends, torsion springs are commonly heat-treated.

At Ebsco Spring, we produce a wide variety of torsion springs for our customers. Each spring is custom made based on the needs of a specific customer with a specific application in mind. This way, every custom torsion spring is ideal for the job it’s needed for, rather than trying to make a generic spring fit. Our spring designers work with you to diagnose your needs, then save you money by efficiently creating a spring to fit your application. 

Whatever your need for a torsion spring is, Ebsco Spring is able to make a custom spring perfect for the job. 

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