Ebsco Spring in Tulsa, Oklahoma produces quality custom springs for the energy industry.

With red-dirt roots, Ebsco Spring Company has been manufacturing custom springs for the Oklahoma oil industry, Oklahoma natural gas industry, and energy companies all around the world since 1940. Tulsa Oklahoma-based Ebsco Spring has grown up with the oil and gas industry and has experience in creating mechanical springs for oil drilling equipment as well as alternative energy equipment. They have worked with customers from original concept to mass marketing energy-related supplies. Ebsco’s skills and experience make them a first choice for the energy industry. Ebsco understands the industry and partners with customers to create profitable solutions that last. All spring components are created at Ebsco Spring’s Tulsa, OK location and are carefully inspected and tested for quality assurance to guarantee that all springs are exactly to the customer’s specifications.

From oil drilling equipment to alternative energy technology, Ebsco partners with the energy industry.

Dedicated to providing the highest quality spring available, Ebsco Spring Company is pleased to have a positive working relationship with many companies around the world in the energy industry. From replacement spring components on oil drilling equipment to custom springs for alternative energy equipment prototypes, Ebsco provides the highest quality springs at affordable prices. Whether the need is for mechanical springs or electrical springs, Ebsco can fashion springs precisely to customer specifications. As the Oklahoma natural gas industry continues to take off as well as other natural gas alternative energy in other states and around the world, Ebsco continues to be the spring manufacturer for natural gas equipment and electrical components. Ebsco works with engineers from the development of prototypes to mass market to allow customers to maintain a consistent quality of spring throughout the development process. Ebsco’s springs are carefully inspected and tested to ensure that every spring is fashioned completely to the customer’s specifications.