Ebsco is pleased to be the spring manufacturer for defense systems utilizing the latest military technology.

EBSCO stands ready to respond to our defense contractors with our ITAR Compliant Security.  In the defense industry, failure is not an option and lives depend on defense systems. Ebsco’s long-standing reputation for quality in every spring manufactured gives defense contractors the confidence they demand. Military applications must be designed to work in the harshest of environments. Ebsco has experience creating springs that work anywhere, every time. From springs manufactured for military weapons to military vehicle parts, all mechanical springs and electrical springs are thoroughly examined and tested for quality assurance before ever leaving the factory for use with client components. Since only the highest quality springs are used, equipment used in the aerospace and defense industry functions with reliability associated with military precision. Whether trusted in the combat zone or thousands of miles away in military aircraft parts, Ebsco Spring is pleased to be America’s spring manufacturer located in the heart of the Midwest in Tulsa, OK to supply quality springs for the defense industry.

Ensuring America’s finest have the finest, Ebsco is pleased to provide springs for use in the latest military technology.

Defense innovation can be triggered by demand and the defense industry is often on the cutting edge of technology. Developers of the latest military technology often utilize exotic materials for the most reliable defense systems and equipment. When it comes to working with the latest and greatest in the aerospace and defense industry, Ebsco has experience in working with the materials required to maximize military effectiveness. From military aircraft parts, military vehicle parts, to the latest military technology working with defense systems, Ebsco Spring company knows what it takes to be the spring manufacturer trusted with the tall order of delivering components worthy of use by the men and women in uniform. Created and tested in centrally-located Tulsa, OK, Ebsco Spring Company is honored to supply spring components for use in the defense industry.