Assisting the electronics industry with all their spring needs, Ebsco is there from start to finish.

From the world of mechanics to that of electronics, Ebsco Spring Company is pleased to bring customers mechanical springs that are well-suited for use in electronically-sensitive environments. Ebsco Spring is experienced in supplying customer springs to customers who produce electronics in safety applications. With decades of experience in developing springs for electronically-sensitive conditions, Ebsco Spring Company knows the importance of correct and consistent performance. Understanding magnetism and conductivity are essential elements in designing electronics and the components associated. Ebsco Spring’s expertise in processes and materials helps assist customers in designing springs that will not interfere with fragile electronics. In addition to being experienced in building springs suitable for electronics, Ebsco Spring understands that electronic components often call for very small springs. Ebsco has built a reputation for manufacturing the most demanding springs; including very small mechanical springs. Dedicated to excellence, Ebsco Spring has been a to-go spring manufacturer for many electronics manufacturers for decades.

From buckling spring keyboards to grounding springs, springs play a large role in electronics.

Though most everyone utilizes a variety of electronic devices on a daily basis, most take the components that go into the electric aspects for granted right down to the springs. Without components such as the buckling spring that exists in every keyboard button, no one would be able to send a single email ortype a single letter on a computer. Also going beyond the function of mechanical springs, grounding springs help discharge static electricity that can damage electronic components as well as protect users and technicians of electrical components from shock. With 70+ years as a spring manufacturer, Ebsco Spring is dedicated to customer satisfaction that is accomplished by providing high quality springs at affordable prices. Centrally located in Tulsa, OK, Ebsco Spring Company carefully inspects springs and subjects them to tests for quality assurance. For the finest springs for use in the electronics industry, Ebsco Spring Company delivers custom springs to client specifications from their location in Tulsa, OK.