For use in aircraft components, Ebsco’s aerospace springs help ensure a safe flight and a smooth landing.

In the aerospace and defense industry, each plane is only as reliable as the aircraft components from which it is constructed. The aerospace industry has stringent requirements for manufacturing and documentation unique unto itself. Ebsco Spring understands and has experience in manufacturing custom springs for the aerospace industry. Ebsco provides the specialty requirements along with the stringent documentation to ensure that nothing but perfection leaves the factory. From mechanical springs for moving functions to custom springs for electronic aircraft components, Ebsco Spring Company is pleased to be the spring manufacturer to provide the highest quality aerospace springs for use in aerospace components with the required documentation. Going beyond simply manufacturing the finest custom springs, Ebsco Spring provides peace of mind in that no defective spring has ever been sold.

Every custom spring from Ebsco Spring is thoroughly examined and tested for use in the aerospace and defense industry.

Many aerospace parts require specialty inspection and coating processes from specialty vendors. Ebsco has experience working with outside vendors that are certified in aerospace. Ebsco Spring Company’s experience with partnering allows them to assist outside vendors to create parts to the most demanding specifications; from custom springs for use in electrical components to mechanical springs to assist in aerospace component function. Ebsco Spring Company is dedicated to being the spring manufacturer dedicated to bringing clients nothing short of the perfect spring to meet any specifications with multiple materials available. All of Ebsco’s aerospace springs are created and tested at Ebsco’s Tulsa, OK location for an American-made product with quality assurance. From helping develop new spring components for prototype aerospace designs to providing replacement aircraft components, Ebsco Spring Company of Tulsa, OK is proud to create spring components ready to take flight in the aerospace components of yesterday, today and tomorrow.