When only the best will do, the medical industry trusts Ebsco for the finest medical springs.

For all tools and equipment used in medical applications, it’s simple: perfection is the standard. When used to a medical capacity, it is difficult to over-engineer any component. Every detail must be perfect as individual lives and patients’ health depend on all equipment functioning precisely how physicians and other medical professionals intend. Ebsco Spring’s ability to create complex and complicated springs with stringent tolerances make them the choice for numerous medical applications. With a profound attention to detail, Ebsco Spring Company creates every spring in their facility without any outsourcing for a product made entirely in America under the strictest oversight. From surgical tools to hospital equipment, medical product manufacturers have come to expect nothing but excellence from the Tulsa, OK spring manufacturer; Ebsco Spring Company. All Ebsco springs are coiled precisely to the customer’s specifications, inspected, and tested for perfection every time.

Ebsco Spring provides medical-quality spring components for medical-quality tools.

When it comes to manufacturing springs, Ebsco Spring takes many factors into consideration in order to create the perfect spring. Material choice is a primary concern in medical devices as the materials need to not only resist wear, but be hospitable for medical use. Ebsco, with over 75 years of experience working with exotic materials, takes all these characteristics into account to construct medical springs to the customer’s specifications. All electrical and mechanical springs are created at Ebsco Spring’s location in Tulsa, OK for quality made in America. Ebsco’s medical springs are very carefully inspected as well as tested for quality assurance. For a perfect spring every time, Ebsco Spring Company is dedicated to supplying the finest medical springs for use in surgical tools, hospital equipment, and other medical uses.