From the factory to the field, Ebsco provides custom springs for agricultural equipment parts.

From agricultural machinery to the factory equipment that helps bring the earth’s yield to the grocery store, Ebsco Spring Company is pleased to work with agricultural machinery manufacturers to create mechanical springs for the farm. Manufacturing custom springs since 1940 out of Tulsa, OK, Ebsco Spring’s expertise includes creating mechanical springs to customer specifications for all types of machinery; including crop dusting equipment for new manufacture and replacement parts in the agricultural industry. Obsessed with quality, Ebsco is proud to be the spring manufacturer with a reputation for carefully inspecting their springs for defects and testing them to ensure they meet the customer’s exact specifications. From the hospital, the airplane hangar, and the oil-drilling site to the highest quality farm equipment parts, Ebsco Spring company teams up with agricultural machinery manufacturers to guarantee the highest quality components for customers as well as the customers of customers. Centrally located in Tulsa, OK, Ebsco Spring Company’s connection to agriculture runs deep to provide the most reliable farm equipment parts for agricultural machinery manufacturers.

Reliable custom springs mean farm equipment parts ready for the field from Ebsco.

Ebsco’s experience in agriculture is twofold. Through Ebsco’s fluid power customers, many of their components direct the power that runs many of today’s largest agricultural machinery products. Customers will find Ebsco’s springs working tirelessly, day in and day out, in some of the most advanced agricultural equipment in the field. Ebsco springs stand up to the harsh environment and provide farmers with the reliability they demand. Ebsco springs can be found in direct applications on many of today’s most advanced agricultural machinery. Manufacturers turn to Ebsco for the relentless dependability they find in the spring manufacturers’ fluid power products and trust Ebsco’s springs to meet their specifications with lasting quality. Tulsa, OK born and raised, Ebsco Spring Company is pleased to supply quality mechanical springs to agricultural machinery manufacturers for farm equipment parts and more.