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Custom Conical Springs

Conical springs live up to their name in that they’re cone shaped with varied diameters. Typically, a conical spring is a compression spring that’s smaller at the top than it is at the bottom. Also known as a tapered spring, these springs are produced to fit specific applications. For example, a conical spring may be needed within a valve where a more traditional spring couldn’t fit.

Not only do conical springs provide a near constant rate, they also are able to telescope, which allows them to provide a lower solid height than a normal compression spring. They are also more laterally stable and less likely to buckle.

At Ebsco Spring, we’re able to produce custom conical springs of any type, from compression, to extension, to torsion.  We also fit these springs to your specific and unique specifications to ensure you get the spring needed for your application.

Our spring designers save you money by helping to diagnose your needs, then efficiently creating a spring to fit them. 

Whatever your need for a conical spring is, Ebsco Spring is able to make a custom spring perfect for the job. 

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