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Custom Drawbar Springs

A drawbar spring has many of the same properties of an extension spring, but is built as a compression spring with interlocking bars inside it connected to each end. This construction prevents over-traveling even under the most extreme conditions.

A common problem with extension springs is the possibility of over-traveling, which refers to a spring being stretched beyond capacity and being unable to perform. In a drawbar spring, the bars hook on opposite sides so that when the bars are completely stretched, the spring is solid and can stretch no farther. This construction also is helpful in preventing buckling of the spring during compression.

Ebsco Spring is experienced at producing drawbar springs for a wide variety of applications. No matter the demands of a project, we produce custom springs based on your needs and specifications. Our spring designers work with you to diagnose your spring needs, then save you money by efficiently creating a spring to fit the specific project. 

Whatever your needs for a drawbar spring, Ebsco Spring is able to make a custom spring perfect for the job. 

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